The widely acclaimed “Beaver Tales” storytelling event will return to the Beaver Area on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, with four all-new storytellers to weave their magic and share a sense of wonder and delight with audiences of all ages.

This year we are proud to feature Oba William King, Tom Stamp, Dovie Thomason and Suzi Whaples.

The day will begin with the storytellers visiting children in the Beaver Area School District and in Saints Peter and Paul School. This will give the children an opportunity to be exposed to the living art form that is professional storytelling, and to interact with the storytellers on a more personal level.

A luncheon for adults, “Lunch, Listen and Learn,” will be held at the Beaver Area Memorial Library at noon. Seating is limited to 40 people, and tickets are available at the library.

The culmination of the day’s events will be a grand storytelling celebration, to be held at the gazebo in Beaver at 7 p.m.  Be sure to bring comfortable chairs and blankets, and be prepared for an evening of amazing, mesmerizing storytelling. Books and CDs created by the storytellers will be available for purchase, but all events are free to the public.

In case of rain, the event will be held in the gymnasium of College Square School.

About this year’s storytellers – their initial performance with Beaver Tales:

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Oba William King – comes to us from the windy city of Chicago. He is an African-American storyteller whose work is both original and personal. He incorporates native African music in his performances. Oba uses his gifts as an actor, musician, and storyteller to share his celebration of heritage and diversity and to bring a message of hope and inspiration.

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Tom Stamp – considers himself a front porch artist. Front Porch Art-Once upon a time in America, before TV, before computers, and before ipods, when entertainment was homemade. We sang songs on the front porch and swapped tales over the back fence. We connected with our families and the people in our neighborhoods. We created our own amusements and it felt like a party. Join Tom on a sweeping tour of front porch Americana. Picking out tunes on the guitar and ukulele and telling stories from across this grand country, Tom will have you laughing, singing, clapping, swinging, and having a grand time, just like the good old days.

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Dovie Thomason – a Lakota/Kiowa Apache storyteller and cultural educator. She has been a guest artist at the North American Native Writers Conference at the University of Oklahoma and took part in a project sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Utah Arts Council to develop Native American cultural education. Ms. Thomason has been a trainer and lecturer at Yale University and the American Museum of Natural History.

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Suzi Whaples – offers a unique experience in storytelling. Her stories are almost all her own experiences and creations. Each tale intertwines the poignant, the encouraging, and, often, the flat-out hilarious! Enjoying her Appalachian heritage will make you treasure your own roots as her themes are universal and multicultural. Suzi has over 30 years of storytelling experience, she is a great advocate for literacy and her stories reflect a love of reading.

Beaver Tales always has relied on community support to fund this project. The Beaver Tales Committee would like to thank the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation for making this wonderful event possible. Our gratitude also goes out to Shirley Pow and the Pauline Gibson Memorial fund, Miller Family Foundation, Beaver Borough Festival Committee, the Dutch Ridge and College Square PTA’s, and the Friends of Beaver Tales. Because of these generous donations, we were able once again to provide top-of-the-line billing with excellent professional artists.

For more information, contact Wende Dikec [email] or Leslie Hare [email].