The Saints At Rest, a Story of Beaver Cemetery




The Saints At Rest, a Story of Beaver Cemetery – by Robert R. Firestone, with editing by Robert A. Smith and Mark A. Miner, photography by Kevin R. Cooke (Graule Studios) and Tom Dowlin, and printing by Baker Printing & Graphics. Second printing, May 2005. 20 pages plus covers, including a cemetery map tipped in to the inside back cover. 23 photographs and maps. A self-guided walking tour of significant grave sites in Beaver Cemetery, including John Ubalto, Lewis Taylor, Jacob Weyand, John F. Dravo, William Henry, Michael Weyand, Judge Henry Hice, Samuel B. Wilson, William B. Dunlap, Col. James P. Leaf, Philip J. Davidson, Mayor Robert P. Linn, Lewis G. Moselener Jr., Deborah Hart Darragh, Col. Richard P. Roberts, Johnstown Flood Victim, Rev. Joseph Bausman, Senator Matthew Stanley Quay and Chief Justice Daniel Agnew.