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Please see below for the volunteer opportunities within the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation. To get started, simply complete our Volunteer Interest form at the bottom of this page, and your inquiry will be shared with the chairperson responsible for that area and they will be in contact with you.

Weekend Museum Greeter

Volunteers are needed to serve 2 hours a month on Saturdays to greet visitors to the log house and museum. You do not need to be a history buff to start, but you may soon become one!

You will be given a tour by our Museum Director as well as a fully illustrated, 14-page guide that describes each of the museum’s major artifacts with photos and important details. Once you have spent a little time with this document, you will know as much about the museum — if not more — than many of our members! When you are scheduled to be a Greeter at the Museum, you will be paired with an experienced volunteer who will help get you started!

Beaver Area Heritage Museum & Log House - Official Museum GuideClick to download
[ PDF 1.2MB ]

Adopt-a-Bed Gardener

The organization maintains the grounds and gardens at Beaver Station Cultural & Event Center, the Beaver Area Heritage Museum, the 1802 Log House and the Fort McIntosh Site. We are always looking for extra hands to help maintain the beauty of each location.

Experience is not necessary, just a set of gardening gloves and a love of the outdoors. You will be paired with our seasoned pros for your first time out. They will walk you through what is needed and assign a section of the grounds to maintain at your convenience.

Children’s Education

Our children’s education program is a dynamic initiative designed to captivate young minds and foster a deep appreciation that history is right in their own backyard, encompassing the people, places and events that have shaped the Beaver Area’s rich history. Retired teachers and others especially are drawn to this program as it offers them an opportunity to continue their passion for education. They recognize the profound impact they can make in nurturing the next generation’s curiosity, critical thinking, and love for learning, all while preserving and celebrating the heritage that binds our community together.

Can you help us? Learn more about our school programs.

Join our team of dedicated volunteers at the Beaver Area Heritage Museum and be part of our success story! With over 66,450 artifacts and a rich history to preserve, we need your commitment and passion to continue our mission as a gift to the future. Our volunteer group plays a pivotal role in evaluating and managing this vast collection. You’ll have the opportunity to work with historical items tied to luminaries such as Senator Matthew Stanley Quay, Gen. Lachlan McIntosh, Sam Brady, and more. Your efforts will help us safeguard Beaver’s identity for generations to come. Become a vital part of history; volunteer with us today!

The Heritage Foundation curates a vibrant calendar of events that bring like-minded people together and enrich our community. Our award-winning museum exhibits showcase local history and heritage, unveiling captivating stories and artifacts. The Speaker Series invites experts to delve into diverse topics, fostering insightful conversations. The Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony honor our heroes with solemn dignity. Garrison Day brings the town alive with antiques, artisanal crafts and food. Concerts in the Park fill the air with melodious tunes, while Beaver Tales sparks creativity with literary events to inspire young minds. Finally, the Charter Day Dinner is a cherished tradition, uniting members to celebrate our rich legacy.

Join the Garrison, our living history reenactment group, and become a part of celebrating history! We’re seeking individuals with diverse backgrounds who are eager to step into the past. Whether it’s marching in local parades, opening historical houses for visitors, or participating in thrilling reenactments, there’s a place for you! While there’s no age requirement for most activities, for musket-related events, participants must be over 18. Expect camaraderie, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

We invite anyone interested to reach out, chat with us, and experience the joy of bringing history to life. You can complete the form below, or visit our Garrison page, directly.

Whether you have a little time to give or wish to become actively involved throughout the year, there is something for you here, with the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation!

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