Plan Your Class Reunion


The museum, East End Ave.

The award-winning Beaver Area Heritage Museum campus, log house grounds and gardens were honored to host the 30th reunion of the Beaver High School Class of 1981.


Corporate sponsor panel

More than 40 alumni, family and guests attended the “open house” event on Friday evening, July 22, 2011. Snacks and beverages were provided.

Despite an intermittent rain, everyone enjoyed seeing each other again in a very casual environment, reminiscing and exchanging details about their lives and families today.

They also toured the museum and its featured summer/fall exhibit, “Beaver Valley Album.”

Helping to underwrite the cost of the food and beverages were six corporate sponsors who are owners or partners in their business as well as members of the Class of 1981 — Associates of Internal Medicine (Michael Heinle), Cottrill Arbutina Wealth Management Group LLC (Tod Arbutina), K&L Gates (David McGonigle), Ohio Valley Imaging Solutions (David Buckenheimer), Noll Schwerha Funeral Home (Mark Eli Noll) and Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky (Harry Kunselman).


Alumni get re-acquainted on the back porch of the 1802 log house


Fourteen individual members of the class generously made a collective personal donation of $1,245 to the heritage museum in memory of eight deceased classmates. In doing so, they wrote: “We trust that the donation will assist the Museum’s on-going efforts to remain one of America’s ‘Best Local History Museums’.”


In Memory of Our Deceased Classmates
Steve Finney – 2005 John Lilly – 1999
James Frank – 2009 Rich Matthews – 1984
Randy Gillan Mary Vogel – 2006
Randy Jewell – 1985 Roberta Witt


The individual donors included the following classmates:


Tod Arbutina Rick Buck Todd Smith
Amy Wright (Buckenheimer) David Wells James Paplomatas
Molley Mullen Keith Zagorski Alice Moon (Glessner)
William Norton Harry Kunselman Susan Kenney (Burk)
Lynne Ragazzini Charlene Creel (Kochanowski)  


For more information on arranging your class reunion, please call the museum office at 724-775-7174 or email us at